Encore Introduce Yourself to your Intuition Workshop

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April 18, 2015  9:30 – 12:30


  Els Schaefer Come join a great tribe of Women who are interested in discovering how to gain access to their intuition. IMG_7924 In this workshop you will discover:

  • How to open your body mind connection
  • Learn how to disconnect from your chattering mind in order to hear your intuition
  • Understand some basic guidelines to make it easier to connect with your intuition
  •  Simple daily exercise you can do to open up your intuition
  • Create a network of like-minded women to call on for support and guidance.

What Women had to say about the  workshop

“Intuition is one of things we all have and can all access, but sometimes we forget about it, neglect it or fight against it.  At this workshop Els took us on a journey in a safe, welcoming and explorative environment that strengthened my relationship with my intuition.  In fact, in the afternoon right after the workshop I was offered a chance to go after something I had been holding myself back from.  With the renewed positive relationship with my intuition I listened to it and took a risk.  The results so far are extremely positive and I will continue to let my intuition guide me through this new chapter in my life.  Thank you Els for your guidance, lessons and support.”  Sam

“My life gets crazy busy and the workshop gave me a much needed moment to pause and look within.  Els is a very adept workshop leader with a dynamic approach.  The other attendees were open and supportive which greatly enhanced the positive experience. Loved that I have been thinking about the exercises and re-interpreting things this week.  It takes time to process everything.  I loved the tips you gave!  I wrote down some books that I want to buy and Loved Loved the slowdown planner idea!!!   Neat group of women.  Thanks Els!!”  Lori

The workshop really opened my eyes. I had doubts – what did Els mean by intuition? Was this about being psychic? Was this too hokey for me? Well it wasn’t – it was about truly learning and understanding my gut reaction and honoring it – valuing my feelings and thoughts. It was the perfect balance between mind, body and soul – how to connect with each of those on our daily journey. I had concrete behaviours I could incorporate in to my daily life based on what my mind, body and soul were saying – and how to get them to align with each other.  Kelly

The workshop was very well organized, the pace was excellent and the activities were well thought out and allowed all of us to go a little deeper each time.  As a “first timer” it was a great experience. Cheyrl

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