What an amazing group of women who joined us for our Increase Your Vibration weekend.  The energy of the group and their willingness to try new things was outstanding.  Whenever I host or participate in a weekend such as this there is always a turning point for me, and at this weekend it was during the Trance Dance. 

Trance Dancing was new to the whole group and I think most felt a little apprehension in participating.  This was a session that I co hosted with Jacine.  Trance Dancing is a form of movement and dancing that is guided however it is meant to connect you to your body and your higher self.  Movements start while sitting and slowly over the space of several songs you move to a standing position that allow you to flow through movement in your own style and intensity.  The dance is then slowed back down.

For me it was the ending that revealed the real learning and was a bit of a shock.

I felt all of the energy from all of the other women in the group.

I was feeling wonderful and energized and feeling like I was part of a great tribe of women then all of a sudden I felt a terrible tickle in my throat.

It was such a shock to me! One moment I  was in such an amazing state and the next I could hardly breathe.

But there it was I tried to ignore it and stay calm I used all the techniques I had learned over many years, deep breathing, quieting the mind yet none of it worked I had to sit up and cough I felt  like my air waves were closing.

It was very unnerving to me.

After the dance was over I sat for some time trying to figure out why this had happened.  I actually thought about it for the remainder of the weekend and into the next week.

Why had my body disturbed such a great experience?

Our body speaks to us and gives us messages, so I knew this was not just a random freak thing my body was trying to tell me something.  It came to me a few nights later when I awoke in the middle of the night.  I was not always speaking my truth, actually what I was really doing was not saying anything about some things that are really important to me. In doing so I was cutting off my voice.  I could not have gotten a more powerful message as my throat literally closed.

What messages are you ignoring?

I find if we continue to ignore these signs from our bodies  they just coming to us in stronger and stronger ways.  Listen.




Please share your experiences. What has your body been telling you?

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