photo 3Nothing will help you connect with your intuition more than creating a place where you can spend time each day clearing your mind.  I have 2 such places: one inside in my bedroom, and the other outside in my back yard.  I must say the one I feel most connected to is the one outside. My husband is the person I need to thank for our backyard haven. He has a gift for creating beauty with nature. It has taken about 5 years to get our yard to where it is today but from the beginning I have felt a connection to nature and to myself in my backyard sanctuary. Last weekend we added the latest feature: river rocks. Again my husband’s idea. I must say it has really added to the intimacy of the yard.
This wonderful place is my space to listen.  I would love to say I spend an hour each day out there and quiet my mind and listen, but in reality usually it is about 10 to 20 minutes per day.
I challenge you to create a space for yourself.  A place where you can feel safe.  A place that you feel at peace in.  You do not need to start by creating a whole back yard but perhaps you can start by just taking a small place in your yard on your balcony or in a room of your house and make it yours.  A place that you can sit in quietly each day and still your mind and listen.

When we listen our intuition speaks.
Now comes the fun part: please share and tells us what you have created as your sacred space for yourself. We learn through sharing. Click on the link and make your comment now

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