We are all thinking about the holidays and the gift giving we are going to do.  What to buy for each special person on our list.  However have you thought about the need to make room for the new?  If you are like me my house is already filled with stuff and lots of it.  All of this stuff adds energy to our homes energy that may be good or not.  As we just add more and more to our homes the energy can get stuck.  We often add things that do not truly fulfill us or make us happy. This month before Christmas I encourage you go through your home and make space.

Enter each room and just spend some quiet time in the room.  Get a sense of the room.  Go through the room and ask yourself;

What in the room/Cupboards do you no longer use?


What in the room no longer serves you?

What in the room has a negative energy?

Get rid of it!

Give it away.

Just because it no longer agrees with us does not mean it may not make some else happy.  Make space for the new.   Don’t forget the kitchen cupboards as well.  How long have those cans of food been in your cupboards anyway?
Clearing the “stuff” will allow for new energy to flow into your home and make room for the new things you are going to receive over the holiday season.

Please share your experiences.

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