There really is an easy answer to this. Nature.  Were it all began.  Reconnecting with nature is the first step in tuning in.  Going into nature or just simply going outside gets us away from all the electronics and brings us back to where we began.  When you go for a walk, just pay attention to how it makes you feel.  I know for me it automatically brings me down slows me down.   Observing nature can be a really calming experience.  Recently I went away to another country on vacation.  We went the last week of May and the first week of June.  My first glance at my back yard when I returned was truly spectacular.  I could not believe how much everything had grown in such a short period of time.  We have a young Blue Spruce and it grew at least a foot while we were away.  That is the miracle of nature.  That is what you want to tap into in order to regain more understanding over your intuition. Try this simply exercise: lie down outside on the grass and just look up and observe.  What do you see?  Be present in the moment.  This little exercise will start getting you out of your head and into your heart and soul connecting with your intuition.   Now please share your experience with this.  We learn through sharing. Click on the unsubscribe  link and make your comment now