Certified Master Intuitive Coach® and Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

As an Intuitive Coach and Soul Card Reader, Els will help you tap into your own deeper intuition and inner guidance system as a means to help you move forward into those places you feel stuck, discovering and overcoming challenges and obstacles in your way.

“After working with Els for only 4 weeks my friends have commented on how my instinct/intuition has been dead on.”  Suky, Newmarket, Ont

Els SchaeferEls has been coaching for over 25 years in both the corporate world and on a personal basis.  She has studied with Colette Baron-Reid, world renown Oracle, bestselling author and founder of Master Intuitive Coaching Institute, MICI.  Els has now received her Master Intuitive Coaching® Certificate from MICI and through her studies there has become an expert at the IN-Vizion® process.

The IN-Vizion® process is an intuitive coaching process which allows a client to tap into their subconscious.  Our subconscious does not speak to us in words; however it does communicate with us visually, through pictures and symbols.  Through the In-Vizion® process, Els will guide you in a loving, caring and safe way, through your personal landscape, helping you to uncover those things that may be holding you back on an unconscious level and that may be preventing you from becoming fully the person you are meant to be.

“While working with Els I feel very safe.  She always guides me in a very reassuring way, her tone always makes me feel safe as I explore the deeper parts of myself.  Els’s approach allowed me to make great progress on my journey.”  Elizabeth, Iowa

 Els is also an Oracle card reader, certified through studying with Denise Linn.  Denise Linn, founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching, has taught seminars in 25 different countries and is the author of 17 books.  Through Oracle Card reading, Els can help you answer questions you have about your life, offering guidance on challenges you find are holding you back.  Els’s readings will give you insight to your personal situation, offering new perspectives and approaches to consider to help you unblock those areas you feel stuck, helping you to move forward in your life.

Els offers a variety of different programs.

Els’s services include a combination of Intuitive Coaching and healing techniques, including Reiki, Meditation, IN-Vizion®, and Oracle card readings.

Els’s belief is that every client is unique.  She will customize her services to meet all of your needs and unique situation.  She will fine tune her programs to what will work best for you.  As you begin to work with Els and she taps into you and your specific energy, she will design and implement a healing strategy unique and specific to you.