TrishI love my coach Els as she leads me to feel my past trauma and help me release and work through it.  My subconscious knows me better than I do myself.   Els always supports my opinions and decisions to grow and change.  I enjoyed every session we had together. 5 starts !!!   – Trisha, Quebec


jacine-1I was very comfortable with Els and she easily guided me into that quiet place of listening.  I was amazed in my sessions how deep I was able to go and the sort of personal information and realizations that came up for me.  Els is very knowledgeable in relating her understanding of the symbolism of my IN-Vizions  and this helped me open up even more.  I know if I would try these things on my own I would not go to the places that I need to go to.  Working with Els made a big difference for me.  Els was there to guide me through a block to its completion to its end.  Big stuff came up for me, without a whole lot of emotional turmoil.   I loved that!!     Els is very approachable, she was able to guide my focus into false beliefs and blocks and her understanding of the key concepts of this approach helped me experience some breakthroughs that I now feel are competed and as well I feel I have a deeper understanding of my relationship with myself.   – Jacine,  Aurora, Ontario


ChristinaThe insights I have gained though our sessions have been AMAZING!!! I think the Universe is trying to knock me over the head with the “Balance” theme….of which I completely agree! I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with you! You are Awesome!!! And I would recommend you and your coaching to my friends – for sure! – Christina, Newmarket


DianaJust finished another mind-blowing call with Els! I cannot believe the stuff we are uncovering! If you are looking for direction or feel like your energy is somehow being misdirected in life or business, you should definitely get in touch with her asap – Diana, Cornwall


I had a very positive experience from my intuitive coaching sessions with Els.   I was seeking solutions to big issues in my life and I felt I was at a standstill and could not overcome them.  Intuitive coaching offers an alternative way to approach life challenges and also a different way of looking at them.

Els guided me through a number of sessions and gave me the chance to find my own path.  The whole process not only helped me find solutions but also allowed me to know myself that much better.  Now a whole year later, I look back at the coaching as a turning point for me and I give my heartfelt thanks to Els.  - Lori, Lindsay On.


Throughout our lives we are handed obstacles to overcome, life events to create and test our beliefs, and crises to develop character and personality. As life continues, and days go by and more experiences (both good and bad) occur, sometimes we can lose our true selves in an effort for protection and safety. We may hide – consciously or unconsciously – and we begin to change or adapt to the needs or directions of others. I’ve experienced many ups and downs, good times and bad times, heartache and love in my life – and I plan to continue on this journey and enjoy every moment of it. I love my life and how it has evolved and how I’ve grown. I am truly happy. Yet something was missing in some of my relationships.  I often felt I was trying so hard and giving so much, but yet wasn’t getting what I needed in return. What was I doing wrong? What was I not doing? I couldn’t figure it out – I felt blocked. Through working with Els over a number of sessions using IN-Vizion, I have been able to start to uncover what is happening.  Els has helped me to use various exercises – letting go, forgiveness, and rescue – to move me along these relationships that I have felt stuck in for years. The recognition and ah-ha moments for me during our sessions together is helping me more than I could imagine. She challenges me and coaches me and I am better for it. If you are looking for a new way to uncover yourself, to learn more about yourself, and yes, to challenge yourself, I highly recommend Els and her envisioning techniques. The light is on and is shining brightly for me.   – Kelly Barrie, Ont.