photoI attended the Global Peace Meditation on Aug. 8th hosted by Deepak Chopra.  It was amazing!  The initiative was to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the amount of people meditating at once.  I understand the goal was reach however that was not the draw for me.  At first this event for me was about global peace to me this meant no war, no global conflict no more world unrest but as I started to meditate I had a big ah ha moment.  Peace can mean many different things.  First it can mean global peace, no more wars, but it can also refer to inner peace, peace within oneself.  The ah ha for me was if we all worked toward inner peace that would lead to global peace. If we all felt at peace with ourselves we would not have a desire to cause conflict.
Deepak said his goal was to get 100 million people meditating.  Can you imagine the impact on the world if this happened?  Conflict breads more conflict and feelings of peace breads more feelings of peace.  I always find it fascinating that when someone breathes in Tokyo the next day I in Canada will be breathing that same breathe.  We are all connected in the world by breath and by the energy we send out in the world. 

To connect with your intuition working toward having more inner peace is a great step.

                Shanti Hum – I am inner peace

I made the sign to remind me that I am peace.  I challenge you to make a sign for yourself.   Your action this month is to make your sign and please share your creation with all of us in the link below
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